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15th Anniversary Invitation_BeforeI’m currently working on an invitation for a client planning a formal dinner event for their 15th Anniversary. While the event takes place in December, the non-profit organization has been very clear in making sure that this event in no way feels like a Christmas party.

Instead, I’ve been instructed to focus on a setting sun, stars, circles and the number 15. Ironically enough, while searching for a background image to work with, I came across this little gem, courtesy of iStockphoto.

Anniversary InvitationThank you to the power of Illustrator I’ve removed all feeling of the Christmas nativity and turned the Christmas background into this setting sun behind a small home (which is actually pulled out of the non-profit’s logo). There are 30 stars in the sky, 15 are simple stars, 15 more have circles behind them. I love how well it’s coming together and can’t wait to share the final project!!!


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